The U Files # 45: Rotational Dynamics

As recently as 2000, the Mets won 94 games on the strength of their pitching staff. Since then, mismanagement has eroded all aspects of the Mets game. The biggest weakness of the 95-game losing 2003 Mets was the offense, however the team was below average in the area of run prevention as well. Some of this can be traced to below average fielding. Some can be traced to the fact that the Mets featured the worst fifth starter in the league.
November 4, 2003

National Prep Football Poll – Top 25: Week 2

With one week left until we get it going here in the state of Florida, here is a look at the way Palm Bay, Miami Central and Tallahassee Lincoln stack up against the best in the nation!
August 26, 2003

That Magic Moment: On This Date in Mets History

David Cone called it a baseball career last Friday. He started 419 baseball games, 169 of them as a New York Met - more than any other team for whom he played. And even though Cone pitched for five different teams during his career, it will be the five-plus years he spent as a Met that might be remembered most.
June 5, 2003

Coney: A Yankee Great

A poster hangs above my bed commemorating the New York Yankees majestic 1996 World Series Championship. The poster depicts several key Yankees from that team, not the least of which is David Cone. Cone was one of my all-time favorite Yankees and one of the top pitchers of his era. When he announced his retirement earlier this week, I was saddened. I'd like to pay tribute to one of the greatest Yankees of the modern era: David Cone.
June 2, 2003