2005 Brooklyn Pitching Prospect Review

Inside Pitch takes a look at the peripheral stats of the Brooklyn pitchers to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are as they continue to develop in the Mets' farm system. Though very early, we'll even handicap where this hitters will be playing in the 2006 season. Here are the pitchers that amassed at least 30 innings for the Brooklyn Cyclones and did not have more than 40 innings at a higher level.
November 8, 2005

Kingsport Mets Pitching Prospect Review

The Kingsport Mets did not have a great season, finishing 4 games under .500 (32-36), mostly due to the less than stellar pitching. We will look at the peripherals stats of these pitchers, some that answered the proverbial bell, and some that disappointed...again. We will look at the pitchers who logged a minimum of 25 innings with Kingsport and did not accrue more than 25 innings at a higher level.
October 14, 2004

Scouting the Kingsport Pitching Staff

Reporting from his current trip to Kingsport, Andy Braunstein, who has been scouting the Mets' prospects for the last 11 years, gives his scouting reports on K-Mets pitchers William Weitzman, Aristides Almenar, David Torres, Troy Fry, and Jose Gomez. Find out what Andy's thoughts are on these players and what he believes their chances are for making it to Shea Stadium to pitch for the New York Mets.
July 8, 2004