Vols Land Nation's No. 8 LB

To lose a prospect is human, to commit an Ayers is divine.
February 3, 2004

Will Vols Have Cannon for an Arm?

In the hectic world of college football recruiting hyperbole rules, ego reigns and chaos often consumes common sense like a starving coyote wolfs down a sirloin steak. And yet amid the maelstrom and tumult of this static sphere there is a quiet center that's almost Zen like in its nature.
February 3, 2004

Soft Verbals Vex Vols

Question: When is a commitment not a commitment? Answer: When you tell one school that you accept its offer of a scholarship but continue to visit other schools. To use an easily identifiable analogy — it's like accepting a proposal of marriage while refusing to stop dating other people.
January 19, 2004