Phillies Prospect #30: Derek Griffith

For Derek Griffith, 2007 is going to be an interesting summer. The 24 year old right-hander is looking to firm up his spot as a true prospect in the organization and if he doesn't, he may be in line for a big tumble.
February 11, 2007

Top Prospect #29: Derek Griffith

The Phillies knew that Derek Griffith was going to be a project. At the time they drafted him, he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, which caused him to miss the last month of his college season. Patience is a virtue - and a good move - in the case of Derek Griffith.
February 10, 2006

CD's Phuture Phillie Phenoms...Girl With A Curl

There is a wonderful story about a little girl with a curl. It was said that when she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was very, very bad. The state of the Phillies pharm system is much like that girl. When they were good, they were very, very good, but when they were bad, they were very, very bad. Somewhere in the middle probably lies the true depth of talent. Let's take a look at the Phillie minor league depth chart and what we can expect in the near future.
September 15, 2005

PBN Awards: Lakewood Pitcher & Player of the Year

Jason Jaramillo and Derek Griffith both took major steps in their progress in 2005. Jaramillo made it through a mid-season slump and finished with strong numbers offensively and gained a lot of respect for his defensive work. Griffith proved he was healthy and also put up strong numbers as part of the BlueClaws' rotation.
September 12, 2005