Mulholland Released; Rotation Needs A Spark

Ortiz and Mulholland are gone, and Scott Hairston heads to the disabled list. This team needs a spark, and whether it comes from a trade, or another exciting young pitcher, Managing Editor James Renwick says it better happen soon.
June 22, 2006

Jarvis Gets the Nod; Choate Happy to Be Back

Ortiz and Grimsley are gone, and Terry Mulholland's still hurt. Their temporary replacements are Kevin Jarvis, Randy Choate, and Dustin Nippert. When Juan Cruz comes back next week who will still be in AZ when the dust settles?
June 15, 2006

Mulholland Waits; Gonzalez Walks

The only lefty in the pen is not really in the pen...when might he be back? Medders looking for the right space; Gonzo walking toward history; Ortiz to the pen, who might be taking his place?
April 29, 2006

Rocha Suspended; Stats; Gonzo DBL #500

The Diamondbacks have a young hurler who will be sitting for 100 games this year, that's more than 2/3 of the minor league season, as Bud Selig's steroid policy hits the D'Backs at home; ALSO: Medical Reports; Complete Player Stats through the past week; Gonzo joins a good way finally getting #500.
April 19, 2006

Daigle Gets the Bump; Snyder Clutch

The Diamondbacks starting pitching has been strong, and the bullpen has been better than expected, but with veteran Terry Mulholland heading to the DL, the D'Backs elected to skip the lefty and go straight to Casey Daigle.
April 13, 2006

Staff Surprises; Tracy Ailing

We're not sure we're ready to, "Take It All Back" but Russ Ortiz and Orlando Hernandez (not to mention Brandon Webb, Miguel Batista and Claudio Vargas) certainly haven't looked like the pitchers we expected to see, and the over/under on the number of times the words, "The Diamondbacks Starters Lead the League in ERA" was at exactly zero, so Vegas is taking a killing there. This is the Inside Pitch.
April 10, 2006