Braves sign Ricardo Rodriguez

The Atlanta Braves have signed right-hander Ricardo Rodriguez, who pitched last year for the Texas Rangers. Bill Shanks has more.
April 17, 2006

What You Need To Know About Ricardo Rodriguez

Charlie Manuel knows Ricardo Rodriguez from his days in Cleveland, but to most Phillies fans, Rodriguez is simply a 27 year old pitcher with weak stats. So, is he an even exchange for Vicente Padilla or did Pat Gillick get the short end of the Padilla deal?
December 20, 2005

Indians Camp Report: Ryan Ludwick

<b>WINTER HAVEN, Fla. --</b> Ryan Ludwick, expected to be a key run producer for the Indians this season, will not be coming north with the team next month. <br><br> The 25-year-old outfielder will remain in Florida in the team's extended spring training program to continue rehabilitation from knee surgery in October.
March 11, 2004

Cleveland Indians Report: July 19

Sometimes it's better late than never. An in depth take on the Tribe and Texas trade. Plus an added bonus article on our newest softball sensation.
July 19, 2003