Dan Werner

How much can Ole Miss Rebel Quarterback Brent Schaeffer learn in August? What are Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner's thoughts on the whole Schaeffer matter? Werner answered those questions, and more. Read about it inside.
August 3, 2006

Seth Adams

Seth Adams emerged from spring training as the number one (available) quarterback. The junior JUCO transfer from Holly Springs via Delta State and Hinds CC is working hard in the offseason to improve his skills in a new offense he got a taste of in spring. Read about it inside.
July 9, 2006

Burnell Wallace

Even though he's just a sophomore himself, WR Burnell Wallace has been thrust into the position of being one of the "older" guys in the wide receiver group. Due to that, he's gained a degree of maturity and is taking it upon himself to be a mentor to the incoming wideout prospects now working out on campus. Read about it inside.
June 23, 2006

Grove Bowl

The Red Team - which consisted of the first team defense and second team offense - dominated the Blue Team - first team offense, second team 'D' - 40-14 in the annual Grove Bowl today. Their dominance was spurred by the starting defense and capped by timely offense. Read about it inside.
April 8, 2006

Young WRs challenge Lubick

Mike Espy? Gone. . . Mario Hill? Gone. . . Taye Biddle? Gone. . . Larry Kendrick? Gone. . . The Rebel wide receivers, for all intents and purposes, start from scratch in spring training. Read about it inside.
February 17, 2006

Practice Report: Thursday

Coach Ed Orgeron called an early morning practice so the Rebel players and coaches could spend some time with their families on Thanksgiving. Read about the practice inside.
November 24, 2005

Practice Report: Thursday

Coach Ed Orgeron has been showing the Rebel football team film clips of past Ole Miss-LSU classic games. He says they understand the rivalry and the part they could play in its history. Read about it inside.
November 17, 2005

Practice Report: Saturday

The Rebel football team, just two days from the season opener with Memphis in the Liberty Bowl at 3:30 p.m. on Labor Day Monday, went through a one-hour gameplan run-through this morning. Photo Gallery included. Read about it inside.
September 3, 2005