HC Recruiting Update - S/CB, D'Nerian Wrighter

5 games into his season, we caught up with Wrighter to see how this Texas standout is doing thus far. Touching on the recruiting, his stats for the year and how many offers he has at this time. You might not believe just how many D'Nerian has, but it illustrates just how popular he's become. Check out our latest update with Wrighter.
October 8, 2003

D'Nerian Wrighter: You want it? He's got it.

Size? Check. Speed? Check. Athleticism? Check. Offers? Check. D'Nerian Wrighter seems to hit the mark in all the right areas and I almost forgot his stats. Over 100 reported tackles and 7 picks from the safety position? That's not just a check, but that's a huge CHECK this kid out. Everyone else is.
August 15, 2003