Oldham Not Foldin' In Texas

SAN ANTONIO - It could not end fast enough. Thomas Oldham stood on the mound Thursday evening and let out a frustrated breath of air. Seven Midland hitters into the second inning, things were not looking up for the Missions' unofficial new ace. A walk here, a home run there – even a dropped fly ball in left field that amounted to two unearned runs. The scene was definitely foreign to the 23-year-old southpaw, who had previously run off six consecutive winning decisions and three quality starts.
August 1, 2005

Mariners Minor League Players of the Week: 7/19

A newly promoted former first rounder and a left-handed pitching prospect from the University of Creighton are this week's winners. They both did their thing for the same affiliate - can you name them?
July 19, 2005

Life in the Minors: Oldham's Online Journal

Well, I'm back here with another journal for you guys. Thanks for sending your questions, whether it be by email or by visiting the InsideThePark.com message board. As I noted on the message board, I am going to choose some questions to answer on there, but also save some for the journal for the sake of being able to explain in more detail, which usually turns into rambling.
July 16, 2005

Life in the Minors: Oldham's Online Journal

Well, the second half is six games deep so far and we are currently in first place ahead of Midland, the first-half champions. We started out the half early by taking a flight to Springfield for four games, then hopped on the bus to Little Rock for a three-game set.
June 29, 2005

Life in the Minors: Oldham's Online Journal

Well this is the last online journal before the All-Star break. This means the first half is almost over. We just got back from a 13 day road trip traveling to Tulsa, then Wichita, then finally Frisco.
June 16, 2005

Life in the Minors: Tom Oldham's Online Journal

What a difference from the last journal. This week the emails poured in and I have a bunch of great questions to cover. Thank you to everyone who has emailed because these questions are what really drive this journal. You can always email me throughout the season at tommyoldham19@gmail.com. With that said, here are my answers to your burning questions.
May 31, 2005