Q&A: Kevin Spencer

PITTSBURGH -- Kevin Spencer was named NFL Special Teams Coach of the Year for the 2003 season. Find out how little that award meant to this Steelers assistant, and more, in this interview with Steel City Sports:
June 20, 2005

Notebook: Battles re-emerges

<b>LATROBE -</b> Chris Hope made the play of the night at Latrobe Stadium when he stuffed Jerome Bettis in the hole to prevent a touchdown. But the hit cost him a day of practice after Hope's shoulder stiffened up.
August 5, 2004

Spencer talks about the special teams

<b>LATROBE - </b> Kevin Spencer was voted special teams coach of the year by his peers last season. I sat down with Spencer and talked about a number of issues with him. <br><br> <i> How much did the hip injury affect what Jeff did last year?</i> <br><br> <b> KS: </b> I don't think it affected anything. I think it's something that goes back to college and he had probably gotten used to kicking with it.
August 5, 2004

Steelers can't compete with Snyder

<b>PITTSBURGH - </b> The Steelers put a full-court press on free-agent linebacker Marcus Washington, but it wasn't enough to compete with the deep pockets of Dan Snyder.<br><br> The owner of the Washington Redskins didn't even meet with Washington, a 26-year-old outside linebacker, but signed him to a 6-year, $24 million contract after he left Pittsburgh. The deal includes a signing bonus of $7 million and total bonuses of $10 million over the first three seasons, according to ESPN.com.<br><br>
March 4, 2004

Steelers, Randle El open bag of tricks

<b>LATROBE –</b> Antwaan Randle El lined up under quarterback and took the snap, but he didn't run the option or a keeper or a bootleg or anything else designed to take advantage of the wide receiver's quickness.
August 4, 2003

Tuesday Morning Blitz

"Coach Cowher always says special teams win two or three games a year; if that's true, I like to think all of us on the special teams are worth what they're paying us." A quote from punter Josh Miller, who'd have thunk it. Truth is, the Steelers special teams haven't been worth a plumb nickel for several years and if they've won any games, it's been for the opposition. <br><br> <b>Fourth Quarter: Special Ops</b>
July 15, 2003

SnapShot: Mike Hayes

If his latest hunch is right, Steve Hoffman will be remembered as a key player in the Steelers' punting game over the next few years. <br><br> Then again, if undrafted rookie punter Mike Hayes fades into the September sunset, as expected, no one will remember that Hoffman swung and missed on his latest recommendation to Steelers special teams coach Kevin Spencer.
June 26, 2003