Julio Jones Saves 1972 Miami Dolphins' Season

The Carolina Panthers are one game away from winning the Super Bowl and only losing one game all season. The 1972 Miami Dolphins' perfect season is safe thanks to one player primarily: Julio Jones.
January 26, 2016

Top 5 Coaches to replace Tom Coughlin

The Giants Beat takes a look at who can fill the big shoes left behind by the future Hall of Fame coach.
January 6, 2016

Music City Photos

Alabama arrived in Nashville to sub-freezing temperatures on Sunday, but the weather warmed a bit on Monday and the sun was out at Alabama's morning practice.
December 27, 2004

Be Thankful For Shula

Except for the number 19 men's basketball team playing in the Great Alaska Shootout, all is quiet on The University of Alabama athletics front this week and weekend. Which is about as it should be. A mostly empty Crimson Tide athletics schedule gives players, coaches and fans time to focus on what is most important: their families during this Thanksgiving holiday.
November 26, 2004

Reasonable Tide Goal Is Six Wins, Bowl

It's human nature, and it's understandable. When a football program with the stature and tradition of The University of Alabama loses a couple games in ugly fashion, its fans are going to be angry. And after losses to Arkansas and South Carolina the past two weeks, Alabama fans have been, well, pretty angry.
October 7, 2004

2004 Crimson Tide Football Season Preview

<b>Head Coach:</b> <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1438285]>Mike Shula</A> (4-9) <br><br> <b>Last Season's Record:</b> 4-9 (2-6 SEC) <br><br> <b>Last Bowl Appearance:</b> 2001 Independence Bowl (14-13 victory over <A HREF=http://iowastate.TheInsiders.com>Iowa State</A>) <br><br> <b>Key matchup(s):</b> Sept. 11 <A HREF=http://mississippi.TheInsiders.com>Ole Miss</A>, ESPN2 ­ 8 PM
August 12, 2004

Signs Of Progress

Rain poured down in sheets over Thomas-Drew Field, the Alabama football practice facility. Lightning crackled in the not-so-distant sky. Suddenly, the megaphone used to direct every Crimson Tide football practice blared: "Into the barn!"
August 12, 2004

Shula On Second Season

Alabama Head Football Coach Mike Shula has no illusions about the expectations of Crimson Tide football. "Ultimately," he said, "it's judged on wins and losses." He also knows it's not a simple proposition. Shula will begin his second year as Bama head coach for preseason practice Tuesday.
August 9, 2004