Williams holding onto job

<b>PITTSBURGH - </b> After losing to the Steelers, 16-7, Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs said, "I think that is one of the best defenses I have been up against."
December 1, 2004

Pittsburgh Steelers dates worth writing down

Another busy football season is about to start and you might be wondering when to fit in all that yard work your wife has planned for you. Worry not, we have the entire season mapped out, starting with the collapse of the upper field at Saint Vincent College under the massive weight of NT Casey Hampton.
July 26, 2004

Transcript: Darren Perry

<b> PITTSBURGH -- </b> Darren Perry was an assistant to an assistant last year but has since been promoted to defensive backfield coach this year. The 35-year-old former safety was also sent to the George Young Coaches Career Development Symposium last month with Ken Whisenhunt. <br><br> In other words, Perry is a young coach to watch. He talked with us about his aspirations , as well as his young secondary and how it's faring under new coordinator Dick LeBeau.
June 9, 2004

LeBeau to turn up the heat

<b>PITTSBURGH – </b> Perhaps Dick LeBeau is being viewed as a returning savior. Perhaps he should be.<br><br> LeBeau was hired Friday for his second stint as defensive coordinator with the Steelers. The last time he held the position, the Steelers played in the Super Bowl.
January 16, 2004

Polamalu Gets Promise From Coach Cowher

<b>LATROBE --</b> Troy Polamalu missed the last two weeks of spring coaching sessions and the first three days of training camp, so it came as something of a surprise when Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher promised the first-round pick playing time before the ink had dried on his freshly signed contract.
July 28, 2003

Monday at mini, er, team school

The Steelers are no longer in coaching sessions, but don't call it minicamp. The official term this year is "team school" and the difference is only one practice a day as opposed to two. Oh, and lunch is free this week and Coach Bill Cowher talks to the media after practice. <br><br> Here's the Monday interview with Cowher, with a bonus interview of new assistant coach Darren Perry on first-round pick Troy Polamalu and what it takes to start at safety as a rookie.
June 9, 2003

Defensive staff has work to do

PITTSBURGH - It's time to see just how good the Steelers defensive coaches are.<br><br> With the addition of a safety the team needs to start, and two players who are very raw at the positions the Steelers are projecting them to play, the defensive coaching staff will need to work overtime.
April 27, 2003