NFL Scouting Combine Preview: Wide Receivers's NFL Draft Analyst, Chris Steuber, previews and ranks the 55 wide receivers who will participate in the NFL Scouting Combine this month. Where does Steuber rank Oklahoma's Malcolm Kelly? Find out inside...
February 10, 2008

Mobile Wrap-Up: WR D.J. Hall

The Chicago Bears showed interest in a lot of players during preparations for this past Saturday's Senior Bowl, and Alabama wide receiver D.J. Hall was one of them. draft expert Chris Steuber drops by Bear Report and gives a quick scouting report on Hall.
January 30, 2008

Mobile Matters: Day 2 Candidates

We all know who the likely first-rounders are, but which Day 2 draft prospects are doing well at the Senior Bowl? The Chicago Bears showed a lot of interest Tuesday in a linebacker, a tight end, a wide receiver, a defensive tackle, and an offensive tackle. Bear Report has the latest from Mobile.
January 22, 2008

Look Who's Talking: South Squad Players

The South team concluded Tuesday's session with an extended amount of time on the field to interact with the media and NFL team officials.'s Ed Thompson files this report on who's been talking in Mobile, Alabama.
January 22, 2008

Independence Bowl: NFL Draft Prospects

During Sunday night's Independence Bowl at 8:00 p.m. ET on ESPN, Alabama and Colorado will provide you with a final look at their respective teams' 2008 NFL Draft prospects.'s Chris Steuber tells you all about them and provides his early draft round projections for each player.
December 30, 2007

Tide's Hall Selected For Fans' Honor

SAN ANTONIO — College football fans across the nation have made their voices heard and chosen this season's eighth recipient of the AT&T All-America Player of the Week award, the only major college football award chosen exclusively by fans.
October 26, 2007 Audio: D.J. Hall

Listen to post game comments in's audio interview.
October 21, 2007

Veteran Hall Goes Against UT Rookie

Alabama wide receiver D.J. Hall is easy to read. He has a nice smile when he's satisfied and a serious countenance when it's strictly business. He knows this week will be a tough one for Bama, but he is looking forward to it.
October 17, 2007