Rookie Reaction: Q&A with OL Ben Muth

Ben Muth aspires to be the latest undrafted free agent to scrap his way into the mix on San Diego's offensive line. The Stanford prospect talks with's Michael Kranzler about playing for Jim Harbaugh, lining up with Kris Dielman, and choosing the Chargers as a free agent.
July 14, 2009

Inside Scouting Report: O-Lineman Ben Muth

A.J. Smith's push to bolster depth on the interior O-line didn't stop after the draft. The Chargers also landed Stanford OL Ben Muth as a college free agent and hope the resilient scrapper can fight into the mix. For more on Muth, checks in with the editor of's Stanford site.
June 14, 2009

Cal Photo Gallery - Post-Game

After a huge Big Game win, Stanford coaches, players and fans celebrated on the field. The Bootleg's photographer, Mark Godi, was in the middle of all the action to capture these photos for your enjoyment.
December 3, 2007

Post-Game Interviews: UO, Part I

From the thrill of victory last week came the agony of defeat. It was a somewhat somber setting after a game that got away from Stanford following a rather heroic effort in a turnover-forcing 28-point second quarter. Here are a couple of modest locker room quotes Ben Ladner & Alex Fletcher following a game in which the Cardinal showed tremendous resilience and less than optimal finishing power.
September 23, 2007

Starting Five Set on the O-Line

The preseason hopefully is a time to find answers and not create more questions, and that is playing out for Stanford this month. One particularly big verdict was handed down Tuesday when the Cardinal named their starter at right tackle, ending a closely watched position battle and completing the starting lineup on the offensive line. Stanford now can excitedly move forward with its front five.
August 22, 2007

Day Eight: Fires Burn Brightly

We have described throughout this year the impact that the new Cardinal coaching staff, led by Jim Harbaugh, has had on Stanford's practices and workouts. The now-famous "enthusiasm unknown to mankind" has infected the team. We have also seen a turnaround in individual players. Two cases in particular have gripped our attention. Both are impact players on offense, and both feel reborn this year.
August 15, 2007

Day Seven: Marinelli Debuts

We last saw him on December 2, 2006 in Stanford's season finale. 6'7" Chris Marinelli has been on the shelf since, but on Sunday the redshirt sophomore right tackle made his 2007 debut participating in team action. The big Bostonian is a shot in the arm for the offensive line, and his unbridled excitement to be back on the field is carried with the same brute force as his play.
August 13, 2007

Offensive Depth Chart Analysis

With Stanford's 15 spring practices now in the rearview mirror, we finally have the first official depth chart of 2007. We start by taking you through the offense, which is listed two-deep at every position and three-deep at one spot that might surprise you. Also included is commentary and analysis on all the positions and personnel, including a few key players not listed you need to know.
May 2, 2007