Losman And Williams Lead Offense In Scrimmage

Senior quarterback J.P. Losman completed 10-of-15 passes for 129 yards and a pair of touchdowns while junior receiver Roydell Williams caught four passes for 47 yards to lead Tulane in a 50-plus play scrimmage Saturday morning at the Westfeldt Facility
August 16, 2003

Fan Day Action Highlighted By Scrimmage

One thing stood out very clearly from Saturday's Fan Day activites, this Tulane football team has much more speed and athleticism than any Tulane football team in my memory
August 16, 2003

Receivers: Must Improve Consistency, Productivity

Every year we find wide receiver to be the hardest position on this team to grasp. The positions are identified by letters - X, Z, H, Y, etc. and they flip flop sides of the field. Obviously one receiver position is paired with the tight end and another one with the fullback; as an example, let's say that in some sets the H receiver is in and in other sets the FB is in.
July 21, 2003