Direct Quotes: Day 6

Rather than talk to the "player of the day", Rich Passan wanted to do something different for our subscribers: Find five players and get a sense of what's on their minds as they leave the practice field. Six days and more than thirty players later, "Direct Quotes" is providing a unique view of training camp. Today, we have direct questions and answers from FB Terrelle Smith, LB Matt Stewart, WR Antonio Bryant, CB Gary Baxter, and PK Tyler Jones...
August 3, 2005

Derry: Dawson's Peak

In an off-season of change, the Browns made a quiet move in recent weeks which might have a large impact. Frank Derry looks at how the new administration regards special teams, and the role the Phil Dawson is set to play in the team's future...
July 27, 2005

Ask the Insiders: Lane's Back!

Lane Adkins is back, recuperated, and he's returned to Ask the Insiders. Of course, you know what that means! Here's the latest word on draft pick signings, trade rumors, rattled punters, and other Browns news. You want the straight scoop? You got it!
July 24, 2005

A Tale of Two Kickers

Although Doug Brien is the odds on favorite to be the placekicker, there are three other players on the roster competing for the honor. Rookie kickers Nick Novak and Tyler Jones looked ready to go head to head in a position battle during Wednesday's OTA. While each spent most of day independently honing their technique, they seemed acutely aware of each other more often than not. Novak and Jones tell Bear Report readers what the competition has been like so far.
June 8, 2005