Trader Jerry Quiet this Time Around

General manager Jerry Angelo is used to making trades to acquire additional draft picks. Although he didn't pull the trigger on any deals this time around, it wasn't because of a lack of interest.
April 28, 2005

Bears Feel the Need for Speed

It will be months if not years before the Bears can say if they became a better team through this year's draft, but they definitely became faster.
April 25, 2005

Draft Plans in the Final Stages

Because the Bears imply they have no interest in drafting a quarterback, at least in the first round, nothing would please them more than for quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith to both be chosen in the three picks ahead of their No. 4 position. That means they would have their pick of all but one of the talented running backs and wide receivers.
April 19, 2005

Couch just sitting there

Quarterback Tim Couch didn't look like the same player in his two workouts for the Bears that he had been in Green Bay when he was so bad that he got cut.
October 24, 2004

Mixed Reviews

Jerry Angelo has definitely had his ups and downs with the draft. With the release of Leon Joe, the Bears have cut three of the eight members of the ‘04 draft class.
September 15, 2004

Two for Two

Adding talent on the defensive side of the ball has been the Bears priority in the draft through two rounds. GM Jerry Angelo followed up his selection of DT Oklahoma's Tommie Harris by selecting Washington DT Terry "Tank" Johnson in round two.
April 24, 2004

Bears could continue trading ways?

The Bears have maintained that they are happy with the 14th pick in next weekend's draft. However team personnel sang a different tune when they met with the media following the completion of the second mini-camp of the year.
April 18, 2004