Cougfan at 15: Shelford conducts master class

THERE'S SOMETHING SPECIAL about seeing a walk on make good. But Cougar center Mike Shelford did more than that. He went from walk on to a Pac-10 starter on scholie. And in his final game, he faced a future first-round NFL draft pick -- and proceeded to slap him around. He now runs a successful commercial fishing company. Kinda like the Deadliest Catch? No, as it turns out, it's nothing like that.
August 6, 2013

The Joe Cougfan Report, No. 6

THERE'S NOTHING LIKE starting out the season with a win, especially in a fashion that was the complete antithesis of what we've seen in years past. This was a patient, methodical wearing and beating-down of Idaho, where in previous years, the panic to score early and often in these kinds of games generally won out. The Cougars didn't do anything fancy, they just lined up and pounded out 25 points the old-fashioned way. The Notre Dame scouts had to be bored to tears, and I'm okay with that.
September 1, 2003

Go Time!

PULLMAN -- A year ago the cat was already out of the bag. The WSU Cougars were predicted to win the Pac-10 and did not disappoint as they fulfilled that prophecy. But this year the cat seems to be where it typically is this time of the year, when it comes to WSU football: Tucked away in cozy Pullman.
August 6, 2003