Padres make last round of minor league cuts

The San Diego Padres announced the release of 13 players today, moving to get their system ready for the start of minor league play next week. Eight pitchers and five position players were affected by today's move. Corey Smith is among the group at his own request.
April 1, 2006

Padres Prospects: The All-Injured squad

All the players on this list either were beset by injuries making their 2005 season tough to grade, coming back from significant ailments and needing the year to re-acclimate themselves to the game or were hurt late, making their futures cloudy. Many would have been perfect fits in the top 60 Padres' prospects but will only appear here because of the unknown nature of injuries and the ability for a prospect to bounce back.
November 8, 2005

Miss a promotion…get a award

A trio of strong starting pitchers carried the Ft. Wayne Wizards to the Midwest League first-half wildcard berth. But while Luke Steidlmayer and Clayton Hamilton both got the opportunity to move up and show their stuff against higher competition after the All-Star break, Michael Ekstrom never got the call.
October 29, 2005

Padres Prospect Interview: Luke Steidlmayer

The road to recovery was fit with peril last year for right-handed pitcher Luke Steidlmayer. He has taken the wisdom from that pain and turned it into a successful year, leaving the Midwest League for greener pastures.
September 2, 2005

Ben Johnson humming; Steve Baker talks streak

Ben Johnson knocked in seven and Chris Oxspring was near perfect over seven. Steve Baker has a 12-game hitting streak and talks about the secret to his success. Luke Steidlmayer wasn't rewarded for his masterful outing. Mike Ekstrom and Steve Delabar wish they never got up this morning as each was mauled.
August 29, 2005

Mike Ekstrom no luck; Luke Steidlmayer likes Cali

Brian Sweeney with another solid outing. Juan Ciriaco and Jordan Pickens returned from injury and Luke Steidlmayer returned to Lake Elsinore – a place he calls comfortable. One run allowed over eight and no win for Mike Ekstrom. Ben Krosschell was rocked pretty hard. Chad Steiner is on the scene in Arizona.
August 12, 2005