Kolkhorst and Streaks Have Become Synonymous

Very few people have hitting streaks of 30 plus games. Forty players have had hitting streaks of 30 or more games in Major League history. Getting on base in 30 consecutive games played, therefore, puts Chris Kolkhorst in pretty good company.
May 13, 2005

Thompson Tuesdays

Well, the first outing is out of the way, and let me tell you, after showing up several days too early, and thus doing nothing but Spring Training stuff everyday…yeah I was just glad to see a different uniform at the park. I'm sure you all read the stats online, perhaps even checked MadFriars.com, and just to let you know, I walked just three, not five. I mean come on, I know it's my first outing, and I know very well my history of #$%ing the bed and forgetting how to throw strikes.
April 12, 2005

Wizards playoff bound; Storm flop at home

Portland readies itself for the playoffs with a loss. Mobile gets a win on its way to the playoffs and Colt Morton homered in his Southern League debut. Lake Elsinore bows out of the race when the competition gets hot. The Fort Wayne Wizards powered its way into the playoffs with 15 wins in 20 games. Skip Adams made the most of the season finale and Leo Rosales came up big in the end.
September 7, 2004

Ramon Hernandez best in three; Kevin Beavers start

Ramon Hernandez has four RBI's in two games. Marty McLeary is back in the pen and doing well. Kevin Beavers made his first start of the year with Lake Elsinore after working in relief all year. Luke Steidlmayer has kept his walks down and if not for one innings would have been near flawless. The opposition finally got to Vern Sterry. Matt Thayer is the Mark Loretta of the San Diego Padres minor league system.
July 19, 2004

Live from Fort Wayne; Mobile clinches

<i>Fort Wayne – </i> Dirk Hayhurst went six solid innings allowing no runs and five hits on 73 pitches as the Fort Wayne Wizards scored four late runs to shutout South Bend 4-0. The Wizards are 5-2 in their last seven games.
June 20, 2004

San Diego Padres "Friars Thermometer"

Here's the minor and major league "Friar Thermometer" for the week just ended, 8/10-8/16. MadFriars.com takes a look at who is hot, and who is not, throughout the San Diego Padres system.
August 18, 2003