Best of the System: Third Base

The vast majority of the 'Best of the System' articles we print will feature the Top 5 prospects, some will stretch even farther, when two players are just too close to call for the #5 spot. At third, we're generously giving you three. The Padres are like most organizations, seemingly stocked at some spots (catcher, relief pitching) and thin at others. But to call the Padres prospects at third base thin is to insult Dollar Store bed sheets across the land.
March 4, 2005

Top ten surprises in the Padres' system

Every year a prospect emerges from virtual anonymity and turns heads. This year was no different as prospects in the San Diego Padres system asserted themselves.
November 11, 2004

Padres Prospect Interview: Lachlan Dale

Whatever they are serving in Australia these days has had its effect on Lachlan Dale. Fosters is apparently for weight gain. A slim 190 when he entered the Padres minor league system, Dale is now a svelte 220. It wasn't until he came over here the first time that he was introduced to the American culture.
October 16, 2004

Padres Prospect Scouting report: Lachlan Dale

Lachlan Dale was the only member of the Eugene Emeralds to make the postseason All-Star team in the Northwest League. For the first time in his short career, Dale proved he could pack a wallop.
October 8, 2004

Rusty Tucker closer; Lachlan Dale slams two

Portland and Fort Wayne played two. The Beavers split while the Wizards were swept. Mike Bumstead made his first start of the year and performed admirably. Greg Conden got trucked in his Mobile debut. Rusty Tucker debuted in Lake Elsinore as the Storm won in 14 behind great relief pitching. Without Fernando Valenzuela the Wizards would have been lucky to register a hit. Lachlan Dale smoked two homers in an Emerald win.
August 11, 2004

Six Emeralds head to All-Star game

For the first time in Northwest League history there will be an All-Star game and six Eugene Emeralds have been invited. Eugene's Home Run heroes Colt Morton and Lachlan Dale are heading to Spokane. Matt Thayer, with his better than .300 batting average was selected to the team. Emeralds starting pitcher Vern Sterry brings his top-ten ERA to the All-Star game and is joined by Ems pitcher Mike Ekstrom and team saves leader Brian Burks.
July 28, 2004

RD Spiehs Interview; Lachlan Dale hero and goat

R.D. Spiehs is in Chattanooga, a late edition to the Southern League All-Star team. "As a reliever, you don't want to be tricking guys setting up pitches," Spiehs said prior to the game on Tuesday.<br><br>Just two games on the docket again on Tuesday, although there is good news out of Portland. Brian Sweeney was named pitcher of the week of the PCL. Eddie Bonine bounced back with a strong outing and the bats were alive as well. Lachlan Dale went from hero to goat in the span of ten minutes.
July 14, 2004