PP Game Notes: Yankees 7 - Mariners 6

Donovan Osborne didn't make it out of the second inning in his first start in almost five years, but that didn't stop the Yankees from grabbing a win. The Bombers homered their way back from a 6-0 deficit and notched a 7-6 victory over the Seattle Mariners.
May 9, 2004

PP Spring Training Report: 2004 Yankees Bullpen

Once a major strength for the Yankees, the 2003 incarnation of the bullpen was a disaster. Major injuries to key pitchers and ineffectiveness on the part of several others left the relief corps in shambles. That was 2003, this is 2004. Brian Cashman, with the help of Big Stein's Big Wallet, has given the Yankee bullpen a complete facelift. Now, what once was a strength is a strength again.
March 1, 2004

Double Trouble

The Yankees must be getting sick of all the bad vibes surrounding their bullpen, but the vibes aren't going to go away if the pen continues to be awful. Yankee relievers allowed seven runs over five innings after David Wells left with an injury and the Bombers and Royals combined to set an American League record with 19 doubles as Kansas City won 12-9.
August 11, 2003

Breaking It Down: Deadline Deals

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has been a busy guy over the last few days and weeks and because of that, the Yankees look like a different team. Raul Mondesi, Robin Ventura and Brandon Claussen are out. Aaron Boone, David Dellucci and Gabe White are in. Have the Yankees improved their chances to win it all in 2003? Have they hurt their chances at succes for 2004 and beyond? Is it all enough to stave off the Red Sox? Come inside and find out how the Yankees worked the trade deadline.
July 31, 2003