Plaintiffs Testimony Continues

After months of hard work by NCAA attorneys to get Judge Steve Wilson to throw out claims of conspiracy, negligence and all but two lines of possible defamation committed by the NCAA, the infractions imposed by the private organization were the topic that permeated defense questions in Tuscaloosa Circuit Court Monday as the plaintiffs took the witness stand in the fifth day of the $60 million lawsuit.
July 18, 2005

Means without End

Is a tomato a vegetable or a fruit? Albert Means doesn't know.
June 10, 2005

Wexells' Value Board: 2005 NFL Draft DL

The depth chart indicates the Steelers are just fine along the defensive line - for now.<br><br> Of their three starters, Aaron Smith and Casey Hampton have played in Pro Bowls and are still in their 20s. The third starter, Kimo von Oelhoffen, didn't miss a game last season at the age of 33.
April 16, 2005

Scouting Report: Albert Means

Highly recruited yet much maligned prospect who may be getting his career back on track.
November 11, 2003

Scouting C-USA: Memphis

Could this be a breakout season for the Tigers on the football field? It may well be if everything comes together. Memphis has good players at key positions and one prospect everyone is keeping a close eye on.
August 31, 2003