Fall Camp: Day Four

PULLMAN — For the second straight day, a tussle broke out between Washington State's offensive and defensive lines. But while Wednesday's flare up was one-on-one – Aaron Johnson vs. Dan Rowlands – Thursday's was truly critical mass: The entire first-team DL going at it with the first-unit OL. We're talking about a combined 3,000 pounds of angry flesh.
August 12, 2004

Kegel perfect in first scrimmage

PULLMAN -– Forget the fact this is his first year starting at quarterback, <b>Matt Kegel</b> says if he isn't comfortable behind center after four years in Pullman then no one could be. And comfortable he was last night, putting on a clinic in marksmanship in the first scrimmage of the season.
August 14, 2003

Tuesday Blues

PULLMAN – After a Monday night practice that had head coach <b>Bill Doba</b> ready to take on the Monsters of the Midway, a Tuesday practice --notable for its lack of intensity -- brought him back down to earth.
August 13, 2003

Akey high on defense

PULLMAN – When Washington State defensive coordinator <b>Robb Akey</b> talks, people listen. And what he's saying lately is music to the ears of a Cougar Nation.The vocal coach has nothing but praise for his crimson-clad defenders,as he should, considering their game has been air tight the entire spring and so far this fall camp.
August 8, 2003