Air Force Offense; Balance and More

A quick and dirty perspective on the Falcon offense so far. A "running" team with the ability to also attack effectively through the air.
September 11, 2005

Death & Taxes Get a Partner

Three, the perfect number? Trios, triangles, and Stooges all revel in the notion of being part of a triad, a trinity, a troika or triumvirate. Three of a kind has won many a poker bluff. There are three primary colors in the spectrum. Three Rs from your childhood school days. Even the local hustler trying to separate you from your paycheck via his sleight of hand with a three card monte. There's just no escaping the number three and the Falcons certainly hope that's the case.
November 9, 2004

Well Grounded

QB Adam Fitch made his first career start for Air Force and led the Falcons to a, 31-22, win over Army at West Point to help AFA stop a two game losing streak.
November 6, 2004

The Falcons' Faint, Fading Pulse

The most vital numbers in assessing a team's success are the ones designating wins and losses, while everything else is little more than garish garnish. There are times when statistics can help clarify why a team has failed or succeeded. A fourth consecutive Air Force football season seems headed for a crash landing. Here are some areas of the team's play that bear examination.
November 2, 2004

The Lugubrious Zone of Seven

Air Force plays Navy on Thursday night in the first CIC battle of the year and its third game in thirteen days. The first half of the season will conclude with AFA having played five games in twenty-seven days, before entering October and November, for a stretch of the schedule which sees it play only three games in thirty-six days.
September 29, 2004

Falcons Ground Eagles

Air Force used all three elements of its customary option attack to race to a three TD, first quarter lead and was never headed this afternoon in posting a ,42-20, victory over the Eastern Washington University Eagles and registered its first win of the 2004 season.
September 11, 2004

Two Firsts and One Third

The Air Force Falcons ended their 2003 season with a, 24-3, loss to the San Diego State Aztecs as a campaign which began with a promising 5-0 start and a national ranking for AFA, came to an abrupt and faltering conclusion.
November 23, 2003