2003-04 Basketball Preview: Shooting Guards

This is not your ordinary preview. The publisher of TitanCentral.com and two of the most passionate, insightful posters (Throwback and Rufus) on the TitanCentral.com message boards preview the 2003-04 season.
November 18, 2003

Open Gym Observations

With full practices still over a month away, TitanCentral.com couldn't wait to see the new faces as well as the old so we took a journey to Titan Gym to check out some pick-up games. Here are some thoughts from 45 minutes of viewing from the other day...
September 12, 2003

Big West Top 10 Countdown: No. 4

We're still a few months away before the games actually begin but Big West fan J. Kline gives us his early predictions of what's in store for the 2003-04 basketball season.
August 30, 2003

Jason Pettaway: "A Steal"

Jason Pettaway, a 6-4 shooting guard from Deer Valley High School (Antioch, CA) has committed to Cal State Fullerton and will be a walk-on for the 2003-04 season his high school coach Eric Bamberger confirmed today.
August 20, 2003