Battle for Strong Safety Begins

Having confirmed that 23-game starting strong safety D.J. Dykes has left the program, the next question was "who would replace him?" Unlike '04 when Idaho started the rebuilding process and a loss like this would have been crushing, this time the list of candidates is solid. Atop the list is JEVON BUTLER, a hard-hitting sophomore out of Everett, WA with significant playing experience.
June 24, 2006

2004 Spotlight: Scoping the Defensive Backs

Last week we looked at the Front Seven depth chart we expect to see back next season. This week we look at the roster of players we anticipate seeing back next fall in the defensive backfield for Idaho (including cornerback <b>J.R. Ruffin</b>). Plus, we take a glance around the region at several highschool and JC prospects at each position (cornerback and safety).
January 8, 2004

Raiders Plunder

On Saturday Idaho jumped out to a thrilling 14-0 first quarter lead, but lost in overtime to the Blue Raiders 28-21 at The Dome.
October 19, 2003

Countdown to Seattle

With just over a week before Idaho takes on long-time border rival Washington State at Seahawks Stadium in Seattle, here is a quick look at changes that have been made to the team since last spring, including an introduction of 11 new Vandals on the team (7 invited walk-ons and 4 JC transfers).
August 22, 2003