Jaguars Scouting Results from the SEC

The Jaguars scouts have been earning their money traveling all over the country. One of last week's stops was the SEC and we're going to recap what the scouts witnessed.
November 18, 2008

Jaguars Head Back to the SEC

The Jaguars scouts are once again checking out what could be the most physical conference in college football, the SEC. The last two Jaguars draft picks were SEC defensive players, Derrick Harvey and Reggie Nelson, and it's a possibility that the Jags could stay local again. Find out which game Jaguars scouts were at and which players they saw.
November 15, 2008

No Time For Hype - Vandy Needs to Be Dandy

There's really no point in saying that this is going to be the year for the Vanderbilt Commodores--not because they don't have the ability to forge a fabulous season, but because the big tests for this team will come and go before you know it.
August 27, 2008

Vandy talking bowl ... again

Imagine you're the Vanderbilt Commodores and you haven't been to a bowl game since 1982.
July 29, 2008

J2M Stunners- Week 12

J2M presents his Vanderbilt most valuable players for the Vanderbilt-Wake Forest game. This week George Smith, Richard Kovalcheck, Reshard Langford, Jonathan Goff, Theo Horrocks, Marcus Buggs, Gabe Hall and Curtis Gatewood are honored.
November 26, 2007

AUDIO: Vanderbilt Monday Press Conf.

Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnson and safety Reshard Langford spoke to the media on Monday. The two discussed Saturday's loss to Georgia and the upcoming game with South Carolina.
October 15, 2007

J2M Stunners- Week 5

J2M presents his Vanderbilt most valuable players for the Vanderbilt-Auburn game. This week Reshard Langford and Steven Stone are honored.
October 8, 2007

Report Card: Vanderbilt vs. Alabama

It's in the record books now. Alabama 24 Vanderbilt 10. analyzes every element of the Commodores's performance and assigns a grade to each area.
September 9, 2007