Breaking Down the Roster

Sure the Giants, with an 8-8 record and another playoff loss, clearly did more than enough to warrant an extension for coach Tom Coughlin. Yeah, sure they did. However, everyone knows that Coughlin's roster, which was often decimated by injuries, was one of the main reasons that Big Blue struggled mightily this season.
January 12, 2007

He's number one!

Partly because we figured you'd enjoy it and partly because we have way too much time on our hands, TGI decided to rank the Giants' final 53 in descending order. Please feel free to write in to Mail Call and share your thoughts.
September 12, 2006

Eye on the Prize: Defense & Special Teams

As always, TGI is up in Albany for every practice session. Here's a position-by-position breakdown of all the goings-on in the state capital of the Giants' Defense and Special Teams.
August 9, 2006

TGI's Training Camp Tip Sheet 4

Here is TGI's Training Camp Tip Sheet 4. In this installment, we look at players that are Training Camp Sleepers. We also take a look at the path to the playoffs, starting jobs for the taking and some must see games of the 2006 season.
July 20, 2006

Giants get passing grades for ‘05: Defense

Ok, fans. It's time for the Giants final report card. And just remember that the players are being graded on their entire season's body of work, not just the terrible playoff game that ended the year prematurely. Players not listed received incompletes.
January 19, 2006

Rough ride

Filling in for Will Peterson, who returned to practice for one day last week, has been no easy task for Curtis Deloatch, who has struggled - mightily at times - in recent weeks. Part of his recent sub-par play, however, could be traced to a leg infection that hospitalized the former rookie free agent.
December 2, 2005

Backache: Will P's Giant future in doubt

Will Peterson's pleasant disposition wouldn't allow it, but the Giants cornerback would've been well within reason had he started yelling and throwing things around as he discussed his back injury. Instead, the always-poised Peterson stood before his locker and matter-of-factly disclosed that his season and perhaps his career are in jeopardy.
September 30, 2005