Colts Camp Insider: 8/9

Is Kelvin Hayden ready to take on the league's top receivers?...running back Luke Lawton may be carving out a niche for himself...keep your eye on defensive tackle Ed Johnson on Thursday night...a quarterback has a tough day on Tuesday ... and more in this edition of Colts Camp Insider!
August 9, 2007

Colts Quickly Re-Sign Five

Just two days after winning a Super Bowl, the Colts got down to business with personnel moves, re-signing five of their eight practice squad members.
February 6, 2007

Colt Scout: FB Luke Lawton

Fullback Luke Lawton's days of bouncing around the NFL may be over now that he's landed on the practice squad of the Colts. Jerry Langton explains why this opportunity is different from his other ones and why the Colts picked him out of the available list of free agents.
December 2, 2006

Colts Add Fullback to Practice Squad

The Indianapolis Colts have potentially addressed a shortcoming in their roster depth with the addition of former Jets fullback Luke Lawton.
November 30, 2006

Bills Add 18 Undrafted

The Buffalo Bills didn't stop after the 2004 NFL Draft television coverage ended. They added 18 undrafted free agents from various colleges and universities including three from the University of Tennessee.
April 26, 2004