ME's report on O'Neal's death

Inspite of the smear campaign against MU currently under way by the St. Louis Post Dispatch and Brian Burwell, the Boone County Medical Examiner's report shows that based on expert analysis of Aaron O'Neal's body, he died of viral meningitis. A condition, that at least one doctor has indicated, could have ended his life walking through a mall or any other typical activity.
August 24, 2005

In Loving Memory

Aaron O'Neal died on Tuesday in Columbia after participating in the Tigers' off-season voluntary conditioning program. We mourn his loss and extend our prayers and best wishes to the O'Neal family.
July 13, 2005

Missouri Wraps Up Another In-Stater

Missouri continued to close its borders last evening with the commitment of Parkway North's Aaron O'Neal.
November 19, 2003