The Dangerous Saga of Carlos Rodriguez

Talent and potential make many of us overlook blemishes on a player. We tolerate attitude, don't blink an eye when they're given preferential treatment and in fact, we lavish them with praise while we look the other way. Sometimes though, our gaze shouldn't be diverted. We need to say simply "enough". Such is the case with Carlos Rodriguez, whose biggest potential may be his potential for being dangerous.
May 3, 2005

PBN Notebook: C-Rod Calls It Quits

The Phillies say good-bye to a prospect that never came close to reaching his potential. Plus, Jim Thome finally hits homerun number one for the major league club, while J-Roll's hit streak comes to an end. And, news from Scranton, Reading and Lakeland on what's happening there.
April 23, 2005

CD's Phuture Phillie Phenoms... Hole in the Middle

For years the Philadelphia Phillies pharm system was known for their deep reservoir of pitching prospects, solid young infielders and a handful of potential future major league outfielders. Undoubtedly, the "black hole" of the organization was catching; a weakness the club has done an outstanding job of rectifying in the past year. Now the problem area appears to be middle infielders, or lack thereof. This might be referred to as the Phil's "hole in the middle."
January 26, 2005

Carlos Rodriguez Stays on the Field in Lakewood

After a problem - and attitude - filled 2003, Carlos Rodriguez is working his way back into the good graces of the Phillies. While his offensive numbers aren't what they were back in 2002 and his defense is still an issue, at least Rodriguez has come through a successful attitude adjustment. At least the Phillies haven't had to send him home because of his behavior.
July 17, 2004

Two Prospects With Very Different Paths

Jake Blalock and Carlos Rodriguez are at very different points in their minor league careers. Both hae had good springs in the Phillies minor league camp and the Lakewood BlueClaws are hoping that both continue their success into the regular season. For Blalock and Rodriguez, while the paths are very different, the success could be the same.
March 26, 2004