PP Spring Training Report: 2004 Yankees Bullpen

Once a major strength for the Yankees, the 2003 incarnation of the bullpen was a disaster. Major injuries to key pitchers and ineffectiveness on the part of several others left the relief corps in shambles. That was 2003, this is 2004. Brian Cashman, with the help of Big Stein's Big Wallet, has given the Yankee bullpen a complete facelift. Now, what once was a strength is a strength again.
March 1, 2004

20 Questions with Jim Callis of Baseball America

Jim Callis, Baseball America's Minor League Editor, sits down for "20 Questions" with the staff of PinstripesPlus.com to give his thoughts on the Yankees' prospects. You can read more of Jim's content at BaseballAmerica.com and you can also purchase Baseball America's 2004 Prospect Handbook at their website. Who's the biggest "sleeper" among Yankees' prospects? What will happen with Dioner Navarro? You can find this out and much more right now!
February 23, 2004

Top 40 New York Yankee Prospects

Over the years, the New York Yankees have greatly diminished a once very strong farm system with what some feel as several impulsive and illogical moves to go out and get veteran players. They consistently have looked for instant satisfaction with a "win now" philosophy. If not for investments in young players in foreign markets, the Yankee system may have been even worse off at this point than it's current number 17 rank by Baseball America.
February 4, 2004

AAA Pitching Prospect Review

The Columbus Clippers compiled a 76-68 record in 2003 with some very solid performances from their pitchers. This article will review the pitching prospects that played for the Clippers and did not amass a minimum of 20 innings for the Yankees this season.
January 22, 2004