Turn Of Events Surprises Squires

Matt Squires battled back from an injury and seemed to have a big season ahead of him. Now, after being released by the Phillies, he's looking for his next challenge.
April 5, 2006

Squires: "I have to show I can pitch"

For the last two seasons, Matt Squires has been pitching with less than a completely healthy arm. After undergoing shoulder surgery, Squires looks forward to being healthy in 2006 and proving to everyone what he already know - he can pitch.
January 26, 2006

Top Prospect #42: Matt Squires

Matt Squires just refuses to go away. After injuries set him back, he struggled through a tough 2005 season and found that there were some in the organization that were doubting him. Now, almost like a young kid coming into his first camp, Squires is excited and ready to show what he can do. This is a free preview of our profiles of the Top 50 prospects in the Phillies organization.
January 26, 2006

Matt Squires' On-Line Journal: Getting Closer

Matt Squires had his 2004 season cut short by a shoulder injury and wound up needing surgery. He's spent months rehabbing and keeps moving closer to returning to action. He's starting the season on the DL, but hopes to return before too long if all goes well. He's keeping fans updated through his on-line journal entries.
April 5, 2005

Top Prospect #39: Matt Squires

If not for a shoulder injury, Matt Squires might have received an invitation to big league camp this spring. He would have likely wound up at AAA, but he would be getting a look with the Phillies. Now though, he'll be relegated to minor league camp as he continues to rehab from shoulder surgery. The good news is that the rehab is going well and Squires can figure on returning to his old self before too long.
January 21, 2005

From the Bullpen: Matt Squires On-Line Journal

It's been five weeks since Matt Squires season ending shoulder surgery and the rehab is going well. Along with a strict physical therapy regimen, there are family issues and life in a hurricane zone to deal with. It's all part of Matt Squires' on-line journal.
September 16, 2004

From The Bullpen: Matt Squires' On-Line Journal

Two weeks after shoulder surgery that cut his season short, Matt Squires is rehabbing in Clearwater. The weather there has been pretty good for baseball, but for Matt, his time is spent away from the field as he works toward his return next season. The stitches are out and the sling is off and Matt is ready to take his rehab to the next level.
August 26, 2004

From the Bullpen: Matt Squires' On-Line Journal

Less than a week ago, Matt Squires underwent shoulder surgery with no sure outcome. When he woke up after surgery, the news was good. Now comes the tough part as a tough rehab schedule and return to the mound are down a fairly long road.
August 16, 2004