A Senior Moment: Alatini ‘Tiny' Malu

Tiny – the irony of the nickname. Alatini Malu stands 6'4" weighs in at 330-340 lbs and is a force on the line of scrimmage. This man has a ferocious presence on the offensive line and will throw down anyone in his path. Yet, the name ‘Tiny' fits – Tiny is soft-spoken and gentle, a perfect gentleman.
December 31, 2007

USC Trojan Injury Update

The Trojans escaped Seattle with a victory over the Huskies, but the hard fought battle left several Trojans banged up. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden gets you caught up on the status of all the injured USC players.
October 2, 2007

2006 USC Trojan player bios - Offense

The fall camp session for the USC Trojans gets underway this week on Howard Jones/Brian Kennedy Fields and WeAreSC presents a look at the bios for the Trojan players on the offensive side of the ball.
August 2, 2006

2006 USC Trojans Spring Ball recap

The spring ball drills are over (almost) and now USC fans must wait until August to see the Trojans return to the field. How did things go this spring? For a position by position review of spring drills (including an updated depth chart), click below:
April 14, 2006

Fall Camp update - Offense

Now that the Trojans have completed a pair of fall camp scrimmages we're starting to get a better sense of what this USC team will look like in 2004. Click below for a look at the offense:
August 15, 2004

2004 USC preview: Offense

We're going to be good on offense, there's no real question about that, the only question is how good will we be? Look for Chow to be patient as the line develops, lots of quick throws from Leinart, and once the offense hits their stride during the season it should be an exciting show for Trojan fans to watch.
August 2, 2004

Following the line (part 2)

Norm Katnik continues with his thoughts on the Trojan offensive line from a recent spring ball practice. Click below to hear his comments on various drills and the players fighting for positions on the line this spring:
April 12, 2004

Following the line

Norm Katnik gives us a look at a spring ball practice for the offensive line with his thoughts on the strategy behind certain drills and commentary on the players currently fighting for position spots. Katnik was a three year starter for the Trojans, he was named All Pac-10 as a senior, and he played every position on the line during his USC career. His brother Kurt is a sophomore tight end for the Trojans. Click below for part 1 of the story:
April 9, 2004