1 on 1 with the Huskers: Cornealius Thomas

Not long ago, this offense was to Cornealius Thomas-Fuamatu what it was to just about anyone else: Confusing. So much terminology and just the sheer volume of plays, even veterans found it hard to grasp the entirety of what they had to absorb. Since spring, though, Thomas has been trying to do just that and to his happiness, things are going more forward than they are to either side. Plus, now Thomas finds himself having to be versatile, something he'll explain in this edition of video bytes.
August 21, 2005

Scout TV: 1 on 1 with the Huskers

The ever reclusive, soft spoken Honolulu native isn't one for talking about what he plans to do or has done. He's kind of a doer. Cornealius Thomas-Fuamata has had lots to do since he arrived at Nebraska. This year, his main goal: Stay at the spot he currently holds, that being the number one spot at right tackle. Can he do it? Cornealius talks about that and a lot more in this first ever video interview while at Nebraska.
April 5, 2005

To play or to redshirt? That is the question.

I hear it just about everytime I call a recruit. They talk about early playing time. For some high school seniors playing time is what they are considering as the biggest difference in their list of favorites. They don't want to red shirt. And suddenly you have to tell kids that normally wouldn't have played until their sophomore year, that they will be playing as freshman.
March 13, 2004