The Great Gardner Debate of 2006

It's turning into the most spirited debate in quite some time amongst Colts fans and it's even trickling into the media. Is Gilbert Gardner getting the job done at strongside linebacker? ColtPower's Ed Thompson weighs in, and suggests that that people may be debating the wrong issue.
November 15, 2006

Colts Q&A With Gilbert Gardner

Gilbert Gardner explains the role of the strongside linebacker in Tony Dungy's defense and the true measure of success at the position. And guess what, it has nothing to do with tackling stats. Find out his assessment of his progress as a starter, his thoughts on Rocky Boiman and Freddy Keiaho, and more!
October 31, 2006

Six Points With Gilbert Gardner

Colts strongside linebacker Gilbert Gardner talked to ColtPower's Ed Thompson about today's matchup against the Denver Broncos. Get his thoughts on six points, including the team's outlook, the Denver offense, and what it will take for the Colts to win.
October 29, 2006

Colts Key Matchup: Gardner vs. Putzier

Strongside linebacker Gilbert Gardner will be tested by tight end, Jeb Putzier; a player that new Texans head coach Gary Kubiak liked so much in Denver that he quickly snatched him up as a free agent. Greg Talmage breaks down this key matchup for our ColtPower Insiders...
September 16, 2006

Gardner Provides Opportunity Back Home

Colts linebacker Gilbert Gardner feels a responsibility to serve as a role model and to give back to the community. And in about a week, hundreds of children will benefit from that heartfelt commitment.
July 13, 2006