BYU Recruiting "Superman" from "Showtime's" Home

South Garland High in Texas produced BYU true freshman wide receiver <b>Antwaun Harris</b>, or "Showtime" as he was affectionately nicknamed by his former teammates. Now the Cougars are hot on the recruiting trail of a cornerback at the same school referred to by his teammates as "Superman."
October 16, 2004

WR Antwaun Harris Says He's About Due for Breakout

"Be looking out for me. I'll be having my showdown in a couple of games or maybe even this game (Colorado State). I plan on breaking out real soon. So all you BYU fans rooting for No. 14, watch out ‘cause here I come."
September 29, 2004

WR Abilities to Create "Open Space" Paramount

BYU's last major practice scrimmage stats do not provide sufficient information to ascertain which wide receivers will start. For the sake of discussion, let's assume last Tuesday's final full-pads practice scrimmage stats was representative of spring/fall camp production for each receiver.
August 28, 2004

Post-Practice Crowton Meeting Warms Some Hearts

Amid the swirling controversy surrounding the team and BYU football program, head coach <b>Gary Crowton</b> and his football Cougars held a very focused and spirited practice Friday afternoon. But the most enduring visual was a quiet, private meeting afterward when Crowton greeted a VIP guest warmly on the sideline.
August 21, 2004

WR Antwaun Harris to Wear BYU Blue this Fall

Less than 24 hours after he verbally committed to BYU coaches on Friday, the big-play Texas wide receiver caught a dramatic game-winning touchdown with 41 seconds left in the Coca-Cola Dallas-Forth Worth 5A All-Star game last Saturday night. He exited the game with three receptions for 97 yards, and with his East All-Stars' team a 23-19 victor.
January 19, 2004

Jordan Reever Still Awaits BYU Offer; LSU Favored

The two teammates "tripped" to BYU last weekend knowing little about what they would see or find in Provo -- hoping the Cougars head football coach would at least offer them scholarships to add to their growing lists. One returned home happy. The other is still waiting.
January 12, 2004