Hendry Update

In the midst of the Winter Meetings in Florida, Cubs general manager Jim Hendry was admitted to a nearby Orlando hospital late Wednesday, where he underwent an angioplasty.
December 9, 2006

Notes and Quotes

Notes and quotes dated Aug. 29, 2005.
August 29, 2005

Hendry Accepts Blame

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry was holding onto the slim hope that the Cubs can get on a red-hot streak and make a run at the National League wild card.
August 29, 2005

Is There A Rabbit In Hendry's Hat?

I hesitate to evaluate the Cubs' free agent activity (or lack thereof) for two reasons. One, there are several weeks – and free agents – left. Second, Jim Hendry has a penchant for pulling off last second magic, so it would be premature to critique his performance before the first spring training pitch is thrown. That said, as the number of free agents dwindle and opportunities to move the disgruntled Sammy Sosa narrow, Hendry's hands become tied when it comes to improving the club.
December 22, 2004

Quick 411: Sammy Sosa

Seven to ten days... a week ago, that was the time frame a source had given the <I>Chicago Sun-Times</I> upon which the Cubs were expected to be able to complete a trade involving Sammy Sosa--an early Christmas present that would allow the Cubs to make a series of off-season moves in the New Year.<p> Can Jim Hendry move the slugger before the holiday season?
December 20, 2004

Hendry: Cubs Fought Too Many Battles

"I think at times we fought too many battles," Hendry said. "There were certain days issues were made of things that probably shouldn't have been, and they get blown out of proportion."
October 25, 2004

Baker, Hendry Discuss Coaching Changes

The Cubs fired third base coach Wendell Kim and switched the jobs of Gary Matthews and Gene Clines. Matthews changed from hitting coach to first-base coach, and Clines has gone from first-base coach to hitting coach.
October 18, 2004

Hendry Ready for More Wheeling and Dealing

The Cubs were expecting to make it to the World Series and couldn't even make it to the playoffs.<BR><BR> But a major overhaul isn't in order.
October 11, 2004