Another Setback For Terry Jones

By now, Terry Jones should be used to the scenario. He starts to feel a little better, returns to the field and something else goes wrong. This time, after changing positions, Jones comes up with another injury.
March 22, 2006

Top Prospect #35: Terry Jones

Terry Jones is a good player. Unfortunately, he's been an injured player and really hasn't had a shot at showing just what he can do. Now, after missing the 2005 season, Jones may be down to his last shot at impressing the Phillies enough to keep him in the system.
February 3, 2006

Terry Jones: "I just want to play"

It was the summer of 2004 and Terry Jones was playing chauffeur for some players parents going to a Clearwater Threshers away game. Normally, Jones would have been on the field, but a fractured heel had him behind the wheel of a car instead. He never let on that he was a player, let alone a fourth round pick and one of the better prospects in the Phillies' organization.
June 9, 2005

Top Prospect #25: Terry Jones

The Phillies thought they had found their third baseman of the future when they drafted Terry Jones in 2001. Instead, they have a player who has faced injuries and struggled offensively in the early years of his minor league career. If Jones is to climb the ladder, 2005 will be a pivotal season.
February 4, 2005

Prospect Scouting Report: Terry Jones

It's a tragic story, but one that tends to repeat itself throughout sports. A talented athlete is taken high in a draft and then falls victim to injuries. For Terry Jones, the story has played out so far, but he's looking to change the script and stay healthy, starting with his 2005 season. If he can, there's a chance that Phillies fans could be the ones reaping the rewards of his new found health.
October 27, 2004

Top Prospect #10: 3B Terry Jones

When the first month of the 2003 season ended, it looked like Terry Jones was April's Fool. He finished the month hitting just .192 and looked more lost than Pat Burrell ever did, even at his worst. Slowly, but surely though, Jones started to turn things around and by the end of the season, his numbers had improved at least enough to where he cold say that he salvaged his season and his prospect status.
February 15, 2004