Phillies Rule 5 Draft: Who Could Be Lost?

The Rule 5 Draft is all about finding a diamond in the rough from another organization. Phillies fans have to wonder if there are any rough diamonds that other teams could look to grab.
December 4, 2007

Top Prospect #8: Jake Blalock

Jake Blalock went into the draft being compared to Scott Rolen. In fact, some reports had him ahead of Rolen, especially as a power hitter. While those lofty predictions haven't come true, Blalock is still a solid prospect with a lot of talent.
February 23, 2006

Prospect Analysis: Jake Blalock

Jake Blalock is being counted on to become one of the components of Phillies teams of the future. While he hasn't shown quite the power that many thought he would, he has still put up solid numbers in the minor leagues and has shown a lot of good signs. Plus, many believe that the power may still develop.
December 24, 2005

Moss, Blalock Among Unprotected Phillies

The Phillies - and the other 29 Major League teams - set their official 40 man rosters over the weekend in preparation for the Rule 5 Draft. While the Phillies locked up Scott Mathieson and Michael Bourn, as always, there are debates as to whether other players should have been protected as well.
November 22, 2005

Clearwater Player and Pitcher of the Year

It's never easy to play on a bad team, but that's what members of the Clearwater Threshers had to endure this season. Jake Blalock and Scott Mathieson stood out above the rest of their teammates on their way to being the Clearwater Player and Pitcher of the Year.
September 6, 2005

Ten Players Who Deserve Promotions

Let's face it, the season is winding down. The Phillies minor league clubs have struggled this year, but there are some individuals who seem ready for a trip to the next level. Here are ten players who look like they could do well at a higher level.
August 6, 2005

CD's Phuture Phillies Phenoms...Early Successes

Early season baseball numbers can be a bit misleading. April often brings bad weather, players adapting to new cities and new leagues, and managers still learning how best to utilize their players. With this in mind, the term small sample size is a wise and useful one.
April 17, 2005