Seahawks Land Point Guard

John David Gardner, a key recruiting target for a number of mid-major programs, reached his college decision over the weekend.
August 16, 2004

In-State Hoops Prospect Getting A Look From Lebo

An interview is featured with one of the state's top basketball prospects.
July 22, 2004

Guards Shine In Alabama All-Star Basketball Game

A report is featured on the annual Alabama High School All-Star Basketball games for rising senior prospects.
July 15, 2004

Sweet (Shooting In) Home(wood) Alabama

Basketball recruiting for the 2005 class is now officially hot and heavy for Stanford, with a number of frontcourt and backcourt talents coming into focus for summer decisions. One player who has slipped completely under the public recruiting radar has been Alabama guard John David Gardner. He has shunned the AAU circuit and all of its exposure, but the Cardinal have found him nevertheless...
June 12, 2004