Exclusive: Taylor Feeds Off of Emotion

Mike Taylor is currently averaging 16.4 PPG this season, but that's not what stands out the most about this junior on the court. Taylor's emotional play is what is quickly making him one of the more popular players on the Cyclone basketball team. Find out what Taylor had to say about the young season in this exclusive CN interview.
December 7, 2006

On Campus: You Get What You Get

Greg McDermott and Mike Taylor will forever be linked. They are the definition of an odd couple. McDermott plays the role of the methodical perfectionist, carefully calculating and constructing how to best utilize his team. Taylor, on the contrary, plays the role of the eccentric creator, shooting from the hip and seemingly having little regard for life, limb, or possession of the basketball.
December 6, 2006

Minnesota-Iowa State BB Preview

Minnesota hopes to improve to 3–0 as they face Iowa State (4-0) Tuesday night at Williams Arena. The Cyclones last faced Minnesota in the 2005 NCAA Tournament as they defeated the Gophers 64-53 on March 18th. Amazingly, only three players (Rahshon Clark of Iowa State and Dan Coleman and Spencer Tollackson of Minnesota) have participated in that contest will play Tuesday night.
November 20, 2006