Future Wolverines Show Well in Kentucky AS Game

The annual Kentucky Tennessee All-Star game seemed like any other friendly post season exhibition prior kickoff. Once the two squads got on the field, though, it was clear that there friendship had nothing to do with this contest. GoBlueWolverine was on hand to take in the performance of Michigan commitments James McKinney, Brandon Logan, and Cory Zirbel and all three acquitted themselves well in Kentucky’s 41-27 victory.
June 18, 2005

Brandon Logan Talks About U-M Pledge

GoBlueWolverine Magazine reported on Tuesday that that linebacker <b>Brandon Logan</b> from Lexington, Ky., High School had pledged for Michigan. GBW caught up with Logan Wednesday to chat about his commitment. <br>
December 15, 2004

Another Pledge? Michigan Commitment #16!

Earlier today (Tuesday) cornerback Brandon Harrison from Chaminade-Julienne High School in Dayton, Ohio became the 15th commitment for the Michigan recruiting class of 2005.<br><br> GoBlueWolverine Magazine has received word from credible sources that there may yet be <b>another commitment</b> today. <br>
December 14, 2004

Next Up For Recruiting Decisions -- Blue Brandons

U-M's commitments stand at 14 -- but GoBlueWolverine Magazine is ticking our total to 16 with Brandons <b>Harrison</b> (today) and <b>Logan</b> (this week)<br><br> Next: <b>Antonio Bass</b>? The only in-person coverage for the past few weeks on Bass has been here at GBW So stay tuned.<br><br> Or is <b>Macho Harris</b> next? Stay tuned as this one twists & turns.<br><br> And <b>Nick Harris</b> is finished visiting as well. Don't go far from GBW as he makes his Dec. Decision.<br><br>
December 14, 2004

Brandon Logan Will Make Decision this Week

After visiting Kentucky this weekend, linebacker <b>Brandon Logan</b> from Lexington, Ky. Catholic High School has taken his final official visit and will announce his decision this week.<br><br> GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke Monday with Logan, and he said he has a <b><i>pretty good idea</i></b> where he will spend his college days.<br><br> <b>**AND**</b> Here also is Logan's recruiting story -- with just the final pages to add! Are those last pages turning <i><b>Blue-colored?</b></i><br>
December 13, 2004

"I'd Say Michigan's On Top"

Lexington Catholic's Brandon Logan made an official visit to Kentucky this past weekend with a host of other recruits. What is the latest in his recruitment? Did he enjoy his visit? Read all about it ...
December 13, 2004