The Amaro Analysis: Free Agency

Ruben Amaro Jr. is feeling some heat for his struggling ballclub. To help you determine whether the heat is deserved or not, we're taking a look at Amaro's tenure. In this edition, we look at the free agents signed by Amaro during his tenure.
June 24, 2013

The Amaro Analysis: Trades

Ruben Amaro Jr. is facing what could be his toughest trade deadline as the GM of the Phillies. Should the team be in buy or sell mode? Rebuild or reload? And, is Amaro the guy to make the call? Here's a look back at the 17 trades Amaro has made as GM of the Phillies.
June 18, 2013

Hamels, Rollins responses show true selves

Jimmy Rollins told reporters he wasn't talking because "it's just a game." Cole Hamels didn't talk to the media as his frustration boiled over. Of the two responses, one shows part of what's wrong with the Phillies.
May 21, 2013

CD's Connect The Dots... In The Aftermath

William Shakespeare once wrote that "he jests at scars that never felt a wound." For Philadelphia Phillie fans, fresh off of a tough playoff defeat at the hands of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, the question becomes, will the defeat lead to mere flesh wounds or leave indelible scars for all to witness? That and other questions are well worth the aftermath.
November 8, 2011

Amaro: "We have to have a different mindset"

The Phillies early exit has their GM thinking that the club needs a whole new philosophy. Gone are the days of waiting for a home run and here come the days of making something happen on the field.
October 12, 2011

Who Joins The Phillies in September?

With the Phillies having to play 33 games in 31 days, they can at least point to having some help on the way. September first call-ups are right around the corner and we've got our prognostication of who goes where.
August 30, 2011

It's Official: Pence A Phillie

The Phillies set their targets for Hunter Pence long time ago and they just hit their bulls-eye. The Phillies will send four players to Houston for Pence and cash to help pay his salary for the rest of the season.
July 29, 2011

Bullpen and RF Highlight Amaro's Agenda

Ruben Amaro Jr. has taken care of a few loose ends here and there before jetting off to Orlando for a couple days to take part in the annual GM Meetings. With a couple of spare parts signed - Pete Orr, Erik Kratz, Eddie Bonine - and the reliable Jose Contreras locked up for two more seasons, Amaro can start tackling tougher tasks on his agenda.
November 16, 2010