More Notes and Quotes: UCLA @ Stanford

The Bootleg's Scott Cooley was present for Tuesday's weekly press lunch and provides us with more comments from coaches and players as the respect-seeking Cardinal team gets ready to provide a major blemish to UCLA's currently pristine 2009 record and get a little pigskin payback for last season's painful 23-20 loss
September 30, 2009

"Week Five": UCLA @ Stanford

The Bootleg's Scott Cooley was on hand for Tuesday's media luncheon, providing quotes from Jim Harbaugh, Chris Marinelli, and Clint Snyder. It's clear the team is relishing an opportunity to show it can "finish" games against quality opponents. Last year's disappointment at the Rose Bowl is unlikely to be repeated when a highly motivated Cardinal team suits it up against the Baby Blues Saturday.
September 30, 2009

A Serious Case of ‘Sour Wakes'

Still annoyed by unquestionably questionable calls at critical junctures in the closing moments of last Saturday's game at Wake Forest, The Bootleg is still refusing to let it go. Dave Fowkes reports in with the take on "The Rake at Wake". After this, we agree to move on, but we will be dreading future contemplation of the significance of the game we coulda, shoulda, and quite possibly woulda!
September 17, 2009

Oregon State Photo Gallery

Stanford battled a tough Pac-10 opponent in Oregon State to open its 2008 season. The Cardinal had some great highlights, including those of the amazing Toby Gerhart, that The Bootleg's photographer, Mark Godi, was on the sideline to capture for your enjoyment.
August 29, 2008

Missing Pieces of the Cardinal Puzzle

Injuries always take some of the fun out of spring practice, but this year's list of walking and non-walking wounded is a little disturbing. But fear not, many of the missing are making progress in their respective recoveries and should be joining the team sooner than later. Read on for player-by-player details on the various missing pieces of the 2008 Cardinal's still-to-be-assembled puzzle.
February 26, 2008

Football Hot Routes

The Buddy Teevens era lacked both hot routes and the reporting of Daniel Novinson, who today brings some big news for Spring Ball and beyond. Coincidence? He thinks not.
February 7, 2008

Oregon Photo Gallery

After Stanford played an unbelievably exciting second quarter, the Cardinal eventually lost to 13th-ranked Oregon on Saturday. The Bootleg's photographer, Mark Godi, was on the sideline to capture these 26 exclusive photos for your enjoyment.
September 25, 2007

"Break On Through To The Other Side"

Former Stanford center T.J. Gaynor (1991-1995) once again hit the film room to examine the enjoyable results of last Saturday's program pulse-providing 37-0 rout of San Jose State in the inaugural "Bill Walsh Legacy Game". He comes away not only impressed with the Card o-line effort, but is of a mind that the improvement Saturday may be more than a simple reflection of a beleaguered opponent.
September 20, 2007