Photo Day Sound Bytes: Craig Roark

Check out this Photo Day interview with offensive lineman Craig Roark.
August 20, 2005

Roark taking fall in bit by bit

Whenever anyone enters their first year of college, the experiences and lessons can vary. From the physicality to the speed or simply what you have to learn, the challenges are many. For offensive lineman Craig Roark, he's seen just that, but if it wasn't for challenges, he wouldn't be where he is today. Enjoy this edition of sound bytes.
August 13, 2005

Husker Video - Craig Roark

He's a pancaking machine. From the start of his senior season all the way to the All-American Bowl, Craig Roark picks 'em up and knocks them down with infuriating ease. Here are some of the latest clips of this future smashmouth blocker for NU as he welcomes the opponents to his version of I.H.O.P.
January 25, 2005

US ARMY VIDEO - Craig Roark - bigguns battle

At Ada, there's few or any that could doubt the point of impact impressions that Craig Roark made. Dominating at the point of attack, players either wilted or just collapsed under the onslaught. This week, though, he's facing the best players he's ever faced in his prep career. For a young man that prides himself on dominating, this is one week where he's trying for some of the most prideful moments of his career.
January 10, 2005

Roark anticipating national stage

For some, the honor of being nominated to compete in such a game like the U.S. Army All-American game is enough. For others, it is sort of a proving ground that they are not only worthy of the honor, but should belong there.
January 1, 2005

"It's a good time to be a Husker."

Heck, there's a game coming up down in San Antonio? Anyone hear about it? Yeah, it's this U.S. Army something or other. It's supposed to be a pretty big deal. Actually, it is as some of the best in the entire country face off, throw down and whatever colorful term you can use. That's what NU commit, Craig Roark can't wait for, but he's also waiting for something else – to see just who else he can get to be a Husker.
December 26, 2004