Video: Terrius Purvey (RB)

The state of Texas is loaded with some D-1 running backs this season. We have already shown you R.J. Jackson, Jamaal Charles, Ryan Polite, Jorvorskie Lane and Deon Wallace. Now, check out <B>Terrius Purvey</B> from Gainesville High School in the Lone Star State.
June 16, 2004

Adrian Peterson Leaves Big Footprints

"If they offered me, Texas would go straight to the top," Lone-Star State RB <B>Terrius Purvey</b> said. "I've always liked them a lot, watched them growing up.<p> "I'm going to their one-day camp. They told me that the way they do things is that recruits meet Coach <B>(Mack) Brown</b> before they decide whether to offer them a scholarship."<p>
May 26, 2004