Elon Mitchell "Impressed" With A&M

"It was real nice," <b>Elon Mitchell</b> said. "It was really just like a regular game. A lot of people was asking me where I was going to go, like they wanted me to go there. It was cool. But I was like I don't know yet. I saw <b>Vince Oghobaase</b> and <b>Todd Walker</b> there, too."<p>
April 20, 2004

Round Rock Stony Point LB Elon Mitchell

The Lone Star state could boast three difference-makers at the linebacker positions. Grab a <b>Roddrick Muckelroy</b>, <b>Chris Collins</b> and <b>Elon Mitchell</b> and you may very well have landed, at some point in their collegiate careers, a starting WILL, MIKE and SAM. The early returns point to them being <i>that</i> good. However, they face additional scrutiny before we go out on that limb. That being said, time to turn our attention to Mitchell...
March 24, 2004