Gary Burnham: "I've done everything I can"

In Part Two of our interview with Gary Burnham, we ask the burning question; why hasn't he gotten a shot at the majors? And, we take a look at a potential landing spot for the ten year minor leaguer and fan favorite.
November 29, 2007

Gary Burnham: "You have to shop around"

PART ONE OF A TWO-PART SERIES. Just about a month ago, Gary Burnham celebrated his 33rd birthday. For ball players, those numbers aren't always a reason to celebrate, but for a guy who has never gotten even a cup of coffee in the majors, it could be a daunting number. For Gary Burnham though, there's no reason to lose faith.
November 28, 2007

Free Agency Isn't Just For Major Leaguers

While Major League free agency turns into an open shopping mall today, Minor League free agents are shopping themselves as well. Of course, the paydays are smaller, but for some players, Minor League free agency may provide a path to bigger and better things.
November 13, 2007

Top Prospect #50: Gary Burnham

On our Top 50 Phillies Prospects, we always give the final spot on the list to a player who isn't necessarily thought of as a prospect, but deserves some recognition. Call it the Chris Coste Award. This season's recipient is Gary Burnham.
January 10, 2007

Minor Moves: News and Notes From the Minors

With the September call-ups right around the corner and the Arizona Fall League not long after that, it's time to take a look at who is going where.
August 31, 2006

Injuries Cause Roster Shuffle and Trade

With both Aaron Rowand and Tom Gordon winding up on the disabled list, the Phillies did some roster juggling. Part of the juggling included a trade with Pittsburgh to bring Jose Hernandez to Philadelphia.
August 23, 2006